Mr. Donovan

Harness your MOBA skills, and dominate the first of the SOBOs! Discover the Single-player Online Battle Open-world genre, fight for your life, explore an alien planet, defend your crashed ship, survive arena battles, encounter intelligent adversaries, and earn the love of appropriately odd pets. Available now on Steam Early Access! 

Explore, defend, and discover!

You are the strong, determined, and awesomely dashing young astronaut who has crash-landed on a not particularly inviting alien planet. Your ship is in dire need of repairs, and you must roam this lush new world in order to scavenge the resources needed.

Prepare to get lost on an exotic and dangerous sci-fi planet!

Along the way you will discover adorable pets, but they will only love you if you love them back. Once you gain their affections, they can assist you in defending against stubborn robots, giant evil flowers, and otherworldly ghosts. When these enemies attack - have no fear. Your special abilities (and good looks) can be used in multiple ways to offer protection.

From cloning to teleporting, you will adore the whimsy and variety this fast paced, and utterly unique game -- this SOBO -- has to offer!

Are you ready to...

  • discover a wide variety of meticulously crafted, colorful, alien environments?
  • earn the love of precocious pets, and odd creatures?
  • heartlessly place and utilize your pets as towers in elaborate defensive schemes?
  • manage not only a variety of rather essential items, but also mystifying (perhaps even mystical) abilities?
  • experience virtual environments that do actually change with each passing day?

Cute pet alert!