About Swizzle™

Hi! I'm Elliott, the creator of Swizzle™ LLC. I have been working in the video game industry for about 8 years.  I created this game on my own and am incredibly excited to share it with the world. I enjoy working in all facets of the industry and learning everything that I can.   I created Swizzle™ because I believe in helping bring integrity and education into the game industry. Mr. Donovan™ brings elements of physics, experimentation, and exploration to the player while also immersing the player in a world of colorful and interesting landscapes. I can't imagine my life without art and using it to create the ideas that are constantly floating around in my mind.  This game is an up close look into my mind and upbringing.  My mom is an amazing art teacher and because of this I grew up with a pencil and paintbrush in my hand.  Creating Mr. Donovan™ allowed me to combine my love for art and science into a game, so here I am.  

I wanted to do my part to make sure that multiple people would benefit from playing Mr. Donovan™.  It is a game meant for everyone to enjoy.  If anyone has a small interest in science, and loves experimenting with a range of different abilities, then I hope you enjoy playing this game as much as I enjoyed creating it.

Elliott member of Swizzle llc

My dog Jordan helped me create Mr. Donovan™ by forcing me to get away from the computer to take her outside. When I would come back and sit down, I sometimes noticed that what I was working on was a waste of time, and I should move on in a new direction. She's a great boss.  

The boss sleeping on the job. 

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